St. John's

Anglican Church

St. John’s is a parish church of the Missionary Diocese of All Saints of the Anglican Church of North America.

We are a Prayer Book congregation using the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, dedicated to traditional Anglican doctrine and practice.  We have chosen to retain this aspect of our Anglican heritage for its beauty, its ability to draw us into the liturgy and its contribution to the historic English church. Because the language of our worship service may at first glance seem archaic and remote with its Elizabethan grammar and vocabulary, service booklets are available to help guide anyone who is unfamiliar with prayer book worship.

Children of all ages are welcome in our services at all times.  If desired, a comfortable space is provided for their care in the room just off the Narthex where the service can be heard.  Use of the room is entirely voluntary.

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portrait of Amanda Grothues