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Texas Heritage


At Texas Heritage Bank our Mission Statement governs the way we conduct our business. It highlights our desire to serve our customers well and gives us direction in our decision-making. It is a way of saying “we always try to do the right thing!” We are in the customer service business – we just happen to provide banking services. We strive to serve our customers with candor, integrity, trust, fair dealing and honor. We have a high calling to be people that can be trusted with the private financial information of individuals and businesses. That trust applies not only in keeping information secure, but in the way that we keep each customer’s best interest at heart. As a team, our priorities mirror those we each share as individuals. We believe in keeping a high standard of morality and ideals. We also want to be the financial institution that people look to for leadership in local economic, cultural, education, social and moral issues and causes.

As members of a team striving for success in a competitive marketplace, we must each be accountable for the efficient use of bank resources. We will each be good stewards of our facilities, equipment and supplies for the benefit of ourselves and our customers. We will be vigilant champions of efficiency by seeking ways to operate in a more cost effective manner.

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