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Bread Ministries

Hill Country Daily Bread Ministries (HCDBM) is a Regional Resource Center located in Boerne, Texas.  We have been helping transform the lives of our neighbors in poverty for the past 18 years.  We have done so in collaboration with  churches, agencies, sponsors, and ordinary people who know first hand that each of us has the power to help change a life.  Our process is designed to foster long-term, meaningful Christ centered relationships between people in need and people who are called to help…family to family, neighbor to neighbor, a community united to end situational and generational poverty in our hometown.   

Bringing help and hope to our neighbors in need.   HCDBM administers programs, manages donations, mobilizes community resources and trains Churches, Mentors, and volunteers from more than 60 ministry partners and agencies who deliver food, clothing, furniture, diapers, school supplies, children’s books, and bibles, to struggling families in an eight-county area.  At our campus in Boerne, volunteers sort, pack and prepare boxes for Mentors to deliver.  Because every family registers their sizes and special needs with us, our support is highly targeted and no donation is ever wasted.   

Transforming a life takes more than a meal.  Along with food and household supplies, Mentors bring compassion, encouragement, dignity, God’s love, and a profound sense of hope to every family they visit.  HCDBM also provides vital services such as mentoring for at-risk youth in the Hill Country, a children’s literacy program, special assistance for babies and seniors, holiday food and gift programs, and connections to other local resources that can help to address each family’s unique needs.  

We Partner with our community.   Over 8o Hill Country non-profits benefit from the bulk resources we supply free of charge such as food, diapers, and snacks . This helps to stretch their resource dollar and we all benefit. We are also privileged to network and refer families in need and crisis with area non profits and agencies who provide specific valuable resources.  

Lives are changing because of you.   Currently, we have more than 2,000 volunteers serving 8,200 individuals in Hill Country communities.  We are making an impact one family at a time, but the need is greater than ever.  Every gift of time, money or supplies becomes part of someone’s journey to change their life.  Please join us on this incredible mission.

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