Flying Circle


Flying Circle was born on a family ranch in Boerne, Texas more than 25 years ago to proud owners Joy and Jim Chittim. In the two decades we’ve been around, Flying Circle has become well known throughout the military community as a leading supplier of all kinds of soft luggage and accessories.

The name Flying Circle comes from our original ranch brand. What started out in a cattle barn has grown into an amazing operation today, with some of the very same employees we’ve worked with since the very beginning. In today’s world, we think that’s pretty darn special. And, we think we’re pretty lucky to have built such a family within our company.

As a small family-operated business, we strive to maintain the same goals as we’ve grown: we never sacrifice on quality and we are completely committed to earn your trust in our products. If we wouldn’t use it or wear it, we won’t sell it. Simple as that. We offer a 100% guarantee on every item that crosses over our cattle guard on its way to you.

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